Expression Media 2

Expression Media 2

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Описание продукта

Catalog Media Visually

Expression Media enables you to create visual databases of media, called catalogs, containing references of up to 128,000 files per catalog. Store your files anywhere: shared folders, CDs, hard drives, or DVDs, and use integrated search tools to can find them in seconds—Expression Media will keep track of them all.

Offline Workflow

Even when your originals are offline, Expression Media's visual catalogs allow you to browse, search, and annotate your assets.

Organize Quickly

Drag-and-drop organizer allows you to quickly and easily import, organize, annotate and classify large volumes of your digital media files. Expression Media includes file system integration features, such as automatic synchronization and folder watching.

Browse and Play Media (100+ formats)

Five different views to review images, listen to music or watch movies: List, Thumbnail, Media, Lightbox and Slide Show. Search and sort media by any criteria and even rename media files and folders directly within Expression Media.

Review, Compare, Edit and Enhance

Select up to six files to compare side-by-side in full screen view. Built-in Image Editor provides a wide array of tools, from cropping and red-eye removal to creating duotones and adjusting color balance and several auto enhancements for quick and easy touch ups of your images. Includes support for built-in color profiles for greater color accuracy throughout the creative process.

Add and Edit Metadata

Extract or create thumbnail and preview images from your digital files for quick visual cataloging. Import or export, add or edit metadata from those files for fast searching and sorting. Utilize industry standard metadata formats like EXIF, IPTC, and XMP for faultless interchange with other creative applications.

Print, Repurpose, and Convert

Produce high-quality contact sheets and prints of any size and layout. Easy WYSIWYG printing with annotations, grids, headers and footers. Perform single or batch conversions of images, movies and audio files to a variety of formats, including for use in Microsoft Silverlight experiences (Windows only feature).

Present and Share

Publish and distribute media with cross-platform slide shows, video, and Web galleries, or quickly export media into multiple formats for delivery to your client. Use professionally designed templates, or modify them to suit your own style with customized timings, grids, transitions and even enhanced audio playback for background soundtracks. Effortlessly distribute your catalogs for viewing by anyone with the freely-downloaded Expression
Media Reader.

Archive and Backup

Archive and backup all your prized digital media files, folders and catalogs to CD, DVD, hard disk or any mountable volume.

Automate Tasks and Workflow

Nearly every feature can be batched making your workflow efficient and cost effective. The flexible, streamlined automation tools make organizing, editing, repurposing, distributing and archiving digital images nearly effortless. Expression Media also has rich scripting capabilities, and can also be easily integrated with third-party application and tools.

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Основанная в 1975 году, корпорация Microsoft является мировым лидером в производстве программного обеспечения, предоставлении услуг и разработке интернет-технологий для персональных компьютеров и серверов.

Корпорация Microsoft разрабатывает и выпускает широкий спектр программных продуктов. В их число входят настольные и сетевые операционные системы, серверные приложения для клиент-серверных сред, настольные бизнес-приложения и офисные приложения для пользователей, интерактивные программы и игры, средства для работы в сети интернет и инструменты разработки.